Part of our corporate responsibility policy (“CRP”) is to construct Compliance Files with any entity that we are considering working with to assure ourselves that we have done, to the best of our ability, what we can to protect ourselves and our partners/ associates from external compliance audits, and ethically of course to protect fees/ remuneration due to relevant parties.

Your Compliance File will be used to conduct preliminary Due Diligence in relation to Anti-Money Laundering (“AML”) and Counter Terrorist Financing (“CTF”), which may delay or completely hinder transactions from occurring in an ethical, legal, or timely manner.

To begin constructing your file, we need the following:

  • Recent Company Profile (“CP”)
  • Recent KYC/CIS
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (“NDA”)

Please complete our Online Compliance Form and our Legal Department will contact you directly if they need further documentation.